Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stay tuned!

Coming Tomorrow! An exciting bit of news! Here's a bit of a hint:


 More of my obsession.  The Hubbo is beyond crazed about this.  He is now filling interesting round jars (with lids!) with mineral oil and all sorts of goodies.  And I'm taking pics left and right.  I have got to figure out a way to translate this into knitting.  If I were still in my embroidery phase, I'd do all sorts of mandalas with sparkly threads and such.   I did get 20 skeins of sparkly yarn yesterday, but I don't see me doing knitting or crochet mandalas with them.

This last pic is of some jewelry fixings.

Wall-to-wall books - I have another one of an earring I beaded about 15 years ago.  I lost one of the earrings but kept the other one.  And here is the result. 



Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh I like that bottom one, the jewelry.

Scrabblequeen said...

The jewelry fixings are cool...so "Steampunk".

Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh wow! That is so cool!


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