Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heather and Yarn

Here is the most fascinating yarn I've dyed.  These are my new Heather yarns, named this way because they knit up as heathery colors.  The yarn is a 3-ply merino, and 2 of the plies are not superwash; one is superwash.  Because of the different way that the two types of wool take the dye, you get this amazing heathery look.  It does look like a barber pole, but doesn't knit up that way.  At first I thought it would look like tweed; nope.  Then I thought  it would act like a ragg yarn.  Also nope.  It really heathers and is just so much fun to play with.

Here are 2 examples of how it knits up.  These are in process, so the knitting is not nice and even.  But give them a good wash and/or blocking, and everything will smooth out. The first is a sock dyed in one color only, a dark teal green.  My camera refuses to do the color properly, but you'll get the idea.  This was where I thought I'd get a ragg look, but the more I've worked up the sock, the less it looks like ragg, and instead has a dark heather appearance.  It's a really crummy photo, but that's this morning's light. Anyhow, you get the idea.

This swatch is from a shawl I've been designing.  There are various blueish, greenish colors, which would work up into an almost solid in another yarn, but here you get this lovely haze of color.  I wish you could see it in real life; it's lovely!

Again, sorry for the crummy pics, but you can get the general idea of how it works up.

Here are the specs:
100% merino yarn, approx 420 yards, 3 ply, fingering weight, hand wash only.  Cost is my usual $20.

Even though one ply is superwash, this needs to be hand washed.  You don't want garments to shrink.  The yarn will make lovely shawls and scarves, socks if you are willing to hand wash them, even hats, mitts, and gloves.  The yarn has a different feel from my superwash yarns; feels more woolly, but is very soft and cuddly.  Is it worth making a shawlette or scarf from it?  You betcha!  This is one terrific yarn, and not generally available in a commercially-dyed yarn.  Make yourself a gorgeous knit shawl or crocheted scarf and amaze your friends.  They'll be sooo jealous.  Of course you could tell them where you got the yarn, but you'd be the first in the crowd to have it.

Here are today's colorways.  You can buy directly from me at fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com or buy from my Etsy shop:  http://fritzl.etsy.com

Cinnamon Rose Heather
Echo Heather

Iris Heather

Laguna Heather

Quartz Heather

Sea Grass Heather

Knitting news:  This is my new Linda's Shawl.  It's in test knitting, and may be ready in a couple of weeks or so.  Knitted in my old Bambi yarn, and beyond easy.  NO shaping in the lace areas!  No crazy graphs for me to work out, just delightful knitting.  It's going to have a couple of variations on the lace bundled with it, so 3 patterns altogether.  The other two garments are in process, and not ready for even crummy pics, but as I go along, I'll post them.

Grace - Thanks! I'm in love with both.

Angelika strickt   - I wore it today.  Very cozy around my neck.  It was raining and chilly, and I was so glad to have my little scarf.


Grace said...

shawl pattern is perfect and the yarns are gorgeous too!

Angelika strickt said...

Hi Ruth,
I like your Linda shawl, very beautiful and with the new yarn.

Henya said...

I tried to resist. But just had to take a look at your new yarn. Is Iris Heather Still available?


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