Thursday, November 4, 2010

Malka's Shawl

Here's the first shawl I've designed with Heather Yarn (see previous post for yarn info). This yarn is clearly an obsession of mine. All I want to do is play with it and see what it does. I call this "the thinking knitter/crocheter yarn." You have to knit up a 4" swatch to really see what it does. And it's amazing. I thought it wouldn't work on lace. well, I was wrong; depending on the colorways, Heather does lace beautifully. I know it will do cables and twist stitches just fine too, and of course good old stockinette. I should play with knit/purl patterns, except that I can never get away from lace.


Now I have to write up the pattern and get it test knitted.

Scrabblequeen - I'm just learning my way around dyeing this yarn.  Very different from anything else I've done.  I'm quite infatuated with it.
merrilymarylee - Thanks.  Unfortunately, it's gone missing.  I wore it all day yesterday and didn't leave the house, and now I can't find it.  Kind of hard to miss it, so where did it go?


Scrabblequeen said...

Beautiful! I now need to come up with a "need" for heathered yarn...

Henya said...

Wow! Just wow!It is so delicate.

Anonymous said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! Love the color, love the pattern!


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