Friday, November 26, 2010

The Yarnarian Lazes Around All Day!

Yep, that's what I'm doing today.  *Playing facebook, knitting, reading, munching*, repeat all day long.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We celebrated my favorite holiday with friends and family.  I'm pretty much done with great big dinners; this year there were 7 of us, and I actually got to sit down and eat while the food was hot.  And enjoyed all the chat and laughter and the joy of Thanksgiving, my very favorite holiday!  I'm so thankful that we have a Thanksgiving Day.  Everybody in the world should have one.  That's it!  I declare Thanksgiving as a World Holiday!

Today's kaleidoscope pics!  

These are all from the same ball, and they are all pics of some Opal yarn I had in my stash.  The brightness is due to a tiny bit of light that was shining on the ball. 

Off to be a lazy bum!  Oh how I love it! And no shopping for me, either!

Oh, and if you want the laugh of the day, check out Attic24's posting! You will howl!

Pammy Sue - I think everybody is out shopping. It's nice to be quiet and peaceful at home. Oh, and the turkey soup turned out to be wonderful.

Linda W - Yep, there will be more because we are so entranced with this particular one.

Scrabblequeen - And I think I'll repeat today tomorrow. 

susieb333 - Thanks for reminding me.  I checked on the website last night.  Looks like lots of fun, especially the cashmere and the merino!  It was grand fun meeting you yesterday.  Fiber people rule! 


Pammy Sue said...

Way to go, Ruth! So glad you posted. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, by far, too! Turkey soup sounds really good. We ate somewhere else so I have no leftovers. I just made two pumpkin pies this morning for just my husband and I. Oink-oink! Supposedly they will last a few days...maybe.

Cool pics! Have a great day and thanks for entertaining me!

Linda W said...

ooooooh, aaaaaaah. The kaleidoscope pics are gorgeous. More, more!

Scrabblequeen said...

LOL...well, you were right about the laugh of the day re the gingerbread "men". Tomorrow is my lazy day, and I'm eager for it be here. Today only including phone in replaceing the dear son's phone while he was home for the holiday, and before it stopped working altogether!

susieb333 said...

Hi, Ruth Good to meet you yesterday. Love the kaleidoscope images! Email Mike at Silk City to be put on the mailing list for upcoming sales.


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