Thursday, December 30, 2010

She knits!

Betcha thought that I wouldn't carry out my plan from Tues post, but I did.  I started that cute zigzag scarf and here's a pic to prove it.  Yep, it will need blocking, but it's fun to do, and really auto-pilot. Yarn is Knit Picks Palette and very pleasantly woolly.  The way wool used to feel before we all got into merino mode.
Here's an outfit that I did on the fly for Miss P's AG doll:  The colored yarn is one of mine, and the white is an undyed ball of my Benji yarn (100% SW merino; 3 ply).  I did a slap/dash bit of knitting here.  The white top neckline is a bit off balance, but Miss P won't care, and the skirt closure isn't great, but it fits, and if you don't look, then you won't tell.

And here's a blankie for one of her dolls.  My Diamond Modular pattern worked in a ball of JoJo Land something or other.   The safety pin is to tell me how many modules I do this week.  I love to keep track of progress.

Light & Dark Lace Club :  Wow, are we ever getting customers!  People are signing up like crazy, some ordering more than one colorway.  I'm stunned, and very, very happy!  Good thing I found 20 more skeins of the yarn hiding in a tub!  I'm going to close down the sign-ups on Jan 15, or whenever I run out of yarn!  I really am stunned! 

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