Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Malka is now available for purchase.  Thanks to a group of wonderful test knitters from the Sock Madness Forever forum on Ravelry, she's ready to go.  I knit the shawl in my Heather yarn, which is a 3-ply skinny fingering yarn, approx 400 yards.  You can easily do this in any sock yarn.  The shawl is knitted top-down with a center pattern and 2 wings.  The wings mirror each other, and the outside is increased on every row, giving it that nice shape and drape.  This is an intermediate pattern.

And now I'm off to do a gazillion things.

Wall-to-wall books - OK a gazillion and one things to do.

merrilymarylee - Thanks.  I just had a major giggle at your squirrels. We're blessed with a rotten groundhog.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Very very pretty! I like the color of yarn too!

Really? only a gazillion things? LOL

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! Elegant without being froufrou. Perfect in that color!


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