Friday, January 28, 2011

I finished the sweater!

In less than 3 weeks, I made myself a lacy sweater with fingering wt yarn.  Can you imagine?  I actually finished a sweater.  And not only that, now I want to make another one.  Good Grief!  Does this mean that the sweater mojo, missing for about 15 years, is back?  Yep, I've done a few sweaters in those 15 years, but they took me forever simply because I really didn't want to knit them.  But now my head is spinning with new ideas.

Now if only the grands would want sweaters!  I'd be happy to make Miss P matching sweaters for her and her dolls, but will she wear them?  Noooo.  I keep asking her, and she keeps saying nope.  Kids!

OK, here are the first pics, and as you can see, it's on its blocking towel with all the loose threads showing.  All I have to do is weave the threads in, and I can wear it.  It's so light weight that it took about 12 hours to dry, which is pretty good in my chilly house.  I did something sensible this time; I wove in threads as I went along.  Why, after all these years of knitting I didn't do this before baffles me.  So now all I have to do is work in the beginning and ending threads and it's done!

Ta da!

Off I go to finish it, and try it on. Oh, yeah, I have no idea how it will fit. Keep your fingers crossed it does, otherwise it gets donated to a thrift shop!

Scrabblequeen - When I really enjoy something, I can move on it very quickly. And I knit much faster on skinny yarn than DK or fatter. I have it on right now, and I like it, so it's not getting donated. tee hee.

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Scrabblequeen said...

YOU are the Bees Knees! I'm jumping up and down because I will finish (today) my worsted weight sweater OTN since August. And You...fingering weight and three weeks! I'm not sure if I can still talk to you....


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