Monday, January 24, 2011


I have too much to do.  Either it's feast or famine, and right now I'm in an overabundance of feasting.

1.  Mailed out the first clue of the Light & Dark Lace Club KAL.  My wonderful test knitter, DragonYady, thoroughly worked on the project and pointed out all my mistakes and miss-counts.  I think I fixed them all, but you never know.  So I'll be on Ravelry all day to see how people are doing.

2.  I'm in process of dyeing up a bunch of yarn for the crazed knitters on Sock Madness Forever on Ravelry.  That forum has the funniest, wittiest, nicest bunch of knitters on Ravelry.  No drama, just lively, witty conversations until the contest begins.  And then it's fun to watch those crazy fast knitters zoom away.  Me, I can't do it, not with my cranky wrist, so I hang out in the Treehouse and cheer with my pompoms and such.  I'm dyeing up 2 special colorways for the group, and that's what I'm doing in a little while.

3.  Working merrily away on the next design of the Lace Club.  I'm doing the test model on my own yarn, and frogging away if I don't like the results.  So it's knit, frog, repeat.  And then, when I think a section is fine, I'm working it in Roxanne's yarn.  Gorgeous stuff, Zen Yarn Garden.  I chose a very dark color, so this gets done only in daylight.

4. Knitting the sleeves to my sweater.  Nope, it's not "work" related; it's just for me, but I want to finish it 'cause I have some other ideas to play with.

5.  I need to visit the Mommie.  It's so cold outside, and I'm a weather wimp.  The trouble is that whenever I arrive, she's sound asleep.  I make noise, I kiss her.  Nope, she keeps snoozing.  Ah well, she's winding down, that's for sure.  So I don't visit as often as I should.  And then I feel guilty.  But she's always asleep.  She gets dragged out for meals, tends to doze off while drinking her coffee.  She's 96, and in pretty good health, but she really is very very old.  The staff tells me that this is not uncommon.  When she's awake, she's with it and still witty.  I'm glad to have her, but visiting her is a one-sided activity.  I want the old Mommie back, the one from 4 months ago when she slept a lot less.  Not going to happen.

6.  I have enough laundry to reach the top of the Empire State Building.

7.  Need to mail out the yarn packages.  I'll wait until tomorrow for the rest of the yarn to be dyed.

8.  And why am I blogging when there is a lot to do?

Miss P and the igloo she built together with her Minnesota grandparents.  It was about 7 feet high and they all fit into it.

And now I'm off to do something on my list.

DJNL - It is very hard, and yet I'm so fortunate to still have her.  But I do miss who she was only a couple of months ago.  Ah well, she's comfortable, her needs are tended to and she's still not in a nursing home.

Anonymous - I know.


DJNL said... will get it all done & we will be so pleased with all your gorgeous yarn. It is difficult to 'watch' an aged parent slip away...but you are so good to her & she is not in pain.

Anonymous said...

ruth, she still is and always will be the mommy. and, we all love her.


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