Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bread, again.

 Mmmmm, tasty and delicious!


Lately my loaves have been so big that it's hard to cut them.  If I put the dough into a normal size bread pan, it just mushrooms out of the pan.  So, the genius Hubbo suggested that I make 2 small loaves instead of one enormous one.  Smart guy.  The last couple of weeks I've been doing exactly this and it's a great idea.

Now I freeze one and we eat the other.   I wrap up the loaf in aluminum foil, and then pop it into a zip lock bag and toss it into the freezer.  And when I want fresh bread, it's waiting for me.  At this point I have 3 frozen loaves and one from today.  Last Friday I made challah, and tossed in dried cranberries, pieces of dried apricot and golden raisins.  I braided 2 small loaves.  We scarfed down the first one, and now the second way is waiting for this Friday to be eaten.

Today I made 2 rye loaves.  About 3/4 cup of rye flour, and the rest bread flour.  I tossed in tons of caraway seeds since I love them, and then some ground-up flax seeds.   I've developed a thing about ground flax seeds; I now put them into everything from bread to soup to my yogurt lunch.  You can see the caraway seeds and the flax if you embiggen the picture.  We are talking one tasty loaf of bread here.

Aren't those slashes cute?  I used to use a lame, but it got dull, so I use a little wavy edge paring knife from Victorinox (the people who make Swiss Army Knives).

Wall-to-wall books - We ate up the first loaf by breakfast this morning.

Scrabblequeen - It's been cold and snowy here, and just perfect bread-baking weather.

Henya - So what did you bake?

merrilymarylee - I buy them whole at Whole Foods, and then grind them up in my little coffee grinder that I use just for seeds and spices.


Henya said...

Sounds very teasty. Today is a perfect day for making bread.

Scrabblequeen said...

I'm glad I just had my rye toast before this post came into view...or I'd be drooling on the screen. I haven't made a Challah in ages...

Wall-to-wall books said...

All I have to say is - YUM!

and yes, I love the dashes!

DJNL said...

Another reason to love Winter...warm bread:-) Doesn't smell or taste as good in The Spring or Summer...but...Ahhh! Autumn & Winter...frshly baked bread; a fire in the fireplace & a pair of socks on the THAT is bliss!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you had smelloblog. It looks fabulous!

Do you buy the flax seeds already ground or grind them yourself?


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