Monday, March 7, 2011

Knitting progress.

The sweater is coming along.  I should have the body finished in a couple of days, and then onto the sleeves.  I will admit that this feels like it's taking forever, but it really isn't.  But I think the next sweater will be on DK yarn.

Here's another new green/blue yarn:  Aquarium.  I found a bit of leftover Benji yarn ( 100% SW merino 100g Approx 470 yards and softer than you can even imagine!)

$21 + shipping and soon to be available on Etsy.

Scrabblequeen - I have to admit that I'm totally sick of this sweater.  But I really want a light weight one for early spring, so I shall finish it.  But the next one is going to be a heavier wt of yarn!


Scrabblequeen said...

Your progress seems quick to me! (said she of the several month worsted weight sweater....)

pendie said...

It's a yummy looking sweater; you really are great at this!


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