Sunday, May 1, 2011

Light & Dark Lace Club!

 It's my turn again to do the dyeing for the Light & Dark Lace Club, and I've chosen 5 summery colors for you.  They are, in order, Tiger Lily, Mint, Sky, Violet, and Rosa.

Tiger Lily is an orange softened with a secret color to make it a bit gentler of an orange.  Bright, but not overpowering.

Mint is a green that leans towards the blue family rather than the yellow family.

Sky is the color of a summer sky.  You might think it's turquoise, but it is not.  It is a pure lovely blue.

Violet is just that - violet.

Rosa is the color of that light part of watermelon, the part near the rind.

The colors are all so pretty and sweet.  Not baby pastels, but adult pastels.  Light and perfect for a bit of summer knitting.

If you click on the yarn pic, you'll be able to see that wonderful little twist.

The yarn is Rachel yarn, 100% SW merino with a lovely twist.  It's so soft that it feels like cotton in your hand, but it's wool so you know it's going to knit so easily.  100 grams, 400 yards.  Such a simple yarn that you will love.  You know that I love all my yarns, but a few months ago I knitted myself a pair of socks in this yarn, and totally fell wildly in love with it.  Great stitch definition, and just about the nicest twisted yarn I know of.  This is a treat of a yarn!

The pattern, which, of course is a secret, is also easy and great for summer knitting.  Enough pattern interest to keep you from getting bored, but not hard on your brain or fingers.  The shape is my favorite shawl shape:  triangular with the outer edges increased so that the shawl has a swoopy shape.  I love wearing this shape.  It stays on the shoulders, swoops beautifully around your neck should you wish to drape it (that's how I wear it), and very feminine and pretty.  I like to use shawl pins with this shape and even use double pronged hair pins.

Where can you sign up for this edition of the Light & Dark Lace Club?

Right in my Etsy shop:

The yarn will be dyed in May and we'll start knitting in early June, probably around June 5.  Roxanne and I have a forum on Ravelry, where you can discuss the pattern and yarn and get help and chat about it all.  We have lots of lovely members, and we'd be most pleased if you would join our group.

Questions?  Ask me here, and I'll answer.  Or join the Ravelry Group, and I'll happily tell you all right there.

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Henya said...

They are so pretty! Especially all together - a wonderful yarn palette.


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