Thursday, April 28, 2011

Working away.

3 projects that I'm currently working on.  We are not going to discuss the ones that are hiding in bags all over the house.

My granny afghan that younger DD wants.  My kids never want anything I make, so when one of them says she'd like something, I practically wag my tail in excitement.  So here's the latest on the granny for Em.  There are 3 more squares that I forgot to lay out.  I'm thinking a total of 80 squares:  8 across and 10 down.  And I have more than a quarter of it done.  I might actually finish this before the fall.

I try to do a square/day. This way I'll have a lot done when I reach the boredom stage.

Here's a sock I'm doing in my all-time favorite pattern, basketweave. I've done socks in all sorts of patterns, but this is by far my fave. It always looks good no matter the yarn, it works well with variegateds, and looks good stretched on the leg as well as off the leg. I know, you've seen this pattern all over the web, but it really is a great auto-pilot sock.

And my fun new lace project:  a scarf in an easy-peasy ground that will have nice borders added to it.  This ground is so stretchy, looks good on both sides of the scarf, and is pretty quick to work up.  You do have to pay attention on the right side rows, and I found that a bamboo needle solved the "falling off the slippery needle" problem.  Wait until you see this stretched out!  The Hubs finds it fascinating!

Safety pin is so I know how much I've knitted since Saturday.  I like to do this sort of stuff when I'm repeating row after row.  Makes me feel that I've accomplished a lot.

I'm trying to decide on yarn for the Square a Day project for May.  I don't want worsted because the extra motion working with a larger hook bothers my hands, and I generally don't like crocheted afghans made of worsted weight.    I have enough SW merino DK in the house to dye up the colors.  But it would be nice to be lazy on this.  Another decision: I'm not fond of afghans with every block being different.  But if I don't make a blankie, then what do I do with 31 different blocks?  Lots of choices here, and my knitting/crocheting time is limited.  Maybe, I'll make it into a 31 blocks over the course of 3 months kind of thing.  At any rate, it does intrigue me, so I have to make some sort of yarn decision pretty soon.

And then there's the color choice.  Something pastel, I think, so that I can really see the patterns.  I even briefly thought of fingering wt yarn, which could be lots of fun.  Then it would be a lap blankie.  OK, very possibly baby yarn in a sport or skinny DK weight, but not baby colors.  Ack!  I'm driving myself crazy over this.  Says the bad Hubbo:  I don't have far to go.  Bad Hubbo!

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Scrabblequeen said...

I'm seriously thinking of doing the 30 squares, too. Here's the hitch (#1) I might not be up to the directions...I don't really chrochet that well. Don't get me started on the all color option issues...


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