Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aspirations! Day 6

A quickie post because I want to climb into bed and read my book.

What do I aspire to?  I want to learn how to weave, and then make scarves from my yarns.  I want to go back to sewing and make some project bags or pillows or something.  No garments; just patchwork and stuff.  I'm a crummy sewer, but there is an awesome quilt shop not too far from me, and I can even take the train there.  I wandered into it a couple of weeks ago and was flabbergasted at all the gorgeous fabrics.  Color on top of color!  I want to finish the dopey fingering wt yan sweater I started in time to actually wear the thing this spring.

I aspire to clue into reality.  Hah!


scrapperjen said...

Weaving! How cool! I hope you get into it and look forward to seeing what you create weaving. :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Oh yes! You know ( I know you snuck onto my blog that I, too, want to weave wonderful things...and use up even more yarn. :-) I also plan to do a bit more sewing this year, now that I will have a place to sew where I don't have to put everything away each time I sew. :-)


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