Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The bottom

No pics because of the delicate nature of the topic:  my posterior.

Yesterday at the gym, I started a teensy bit of interval training, and in between my walking, I did some running.  I think the last time I ran at all was about 20 years ago.  Holey moley am I out of shape.  End (ahem, notice that pun) result is that my bottom is achy today from all the muscle use.  And I'm not showing you pics of my tush, so no pics.

BTW, if you want to get a kid to giggle, use the word "butt" around that kid.  They just howl with laughter.  At least our grands do, and each grand is totally different from the others.  The only one who doesn't find it funny (yet) is Little Lili, who is 2, and doesn't know yet that butt is a very funny word.

Off to prep yarn.

Kitten With a Whiplash   - My endses is letting me know that there is a muscle or two in that area.  It's pretty funny.

Wall-to-wall books - I felt like such a clod on that treadmill.  Couldn't find my rhythm.  But I'm going to do it again.  Always glad to oblige you with no pics.  tee hee.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I had a not so witty comment, but abandoned it in favor of letting you know what my veriword is: endses. Hope your bottom gets better soon.

Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh I hate running! I can do just about any other work out but can not run! I get a real bad ache in my side every time!
Thanks for no pics of your butt! I hope you will be on the mend soon.


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