Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hold me to it!

Here's what I have to do today:

1. Pay those bills.  I hate doing this with a passion.  I have the money, but the job is boring beyond belief.

2.  Fold the laundry.  Not quite as boring.

3.  Straighten up the dining room table.  Totally dependent on #1, and it has to be done.  They're coming tomorrow and Mr and Ms Slobbo need to get our acts together.  yep.  right.  Except that the table will be used for the seder on Monday night.  So there is no choice here.

4.  Go to the library and bring back the books and get new ones.  OK, this is fun.

5.  Go to Judy's and pick up more yarn for the crochet blankie.  Also fun.

6.  Bake bread.  This is it before Passover.  Then it's strictly Matzo Land.

7.  Do my banking. 

8.  Figure out a cool ground pattern for a new scarf/shawl.

9.  Decide if it is going to be a scarf or a shawl.

10.  Start a new shawl!  Reward time for me.

11.  Work on my new shawl.

12.  Probably frog my new shawl.

13.  Start new shawl all over again.

Now you all hold me to this.  You are responsible if I fail to get 1-7 done.  Notice how I place blame squarely on your shoulders.

Grace -I want the assistant to do the bills and the cleaning.  I'll happily do the knitting.  Maybe we could share.


Grace said...

I did pay my bills, I did clean off the dining room table Although I have until Easter to use mine, I hate folding laundry but have to do it, I need a background yarn for mitered crosses so I need to stash dive, as for designing I have so many shawl designs in my head but I hate writing them up. I need an assistant who can sit by me, she can knit but must write up the pattern as I dictate it, that would be really nice! enjoy your bread and tea!

Scrabblequeen said...! LOL...I think I gave up on getting all clean before guests arrive later. Bought a new white cloth for the table..what more do I need to be ready for Passover? :-)Finished my first lace shawl!!

Anonymous said...

I have ironing and library on my list for today. Note that it is 4:30 and they're still on my list.

What is a cool ground pattern? Anyone who knows stuff like that will surely breeze through 1-11.

Nos. 12 and 13 are quite familiar to me.

BEAUTIFUL rosy pink!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Don't you just wish there was an assisted living facility just for knitters? lol

Anonymous said...

Ha! I have a most comparable list. I don't knit but am intrigued by it, your site, and your other varied interests and reflections. Good yontif!



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