Friday, April 22, 2011

New Blossom Colorways.

I didn't have jury duty yesterday, so I treated myself to a bit of a Blossom dye-in.  This batch runs the gamut from very pale to bright, something for everyone.  Hey, I just dye them, I have no control over the process.  You know perfectly well that the dyes do what they want; I'm just the hands being controlled.

Pale yarns.  Not white, or even off white, but soft and very pretty and with a touch of white in them.  Melon, Dream, Lady and Sweet Blossoms.

A bit more zip:   Garden, and Bahama Blossoms.

And even brighter:  Pansy, Foliage, and Carnival Blossoms.

Actually, the only real bright one is Carnival Blossoms.  Cheery and fun!

All going to be listed on Etsy in a little while. The specs:  Penny Yarn (75/25 SW merino/nylon; 100g, over 450 yards)  On the skinny side of fingering yarn.

Colleen - Thanks!  That might be my favorite too.

Scrabblequeen - You can NEVER have too much sock yarn.  Ever!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Really love the Sweet Blossoms. Gorgeous!-Colleen

Scrabblequeen said...

You MUST stop putting up blue/green yarns to tempt me! My friend says I have a lot of yarn already. Sigh...How much IS enough?


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