Monday, April 4, 2011

The Yarnarian Crochets.

Oh, boy!  Am I ever sucked into my annual crochet binge.  In addition to the 3 blankies in progress, I decided to start another one.

This was a trial run in a variegated yarn.  I like it, but an entire blankie out of it would be way, way too busy.  I think that knitting handles variegated yarns better than crochet most of the time.  Here's another motif that is also too busy.

Pretty, maybe as a scarf, but not as a blanket.  Actually, now that I'm looking at it here, I think I'll make more of these and really do a scarf.  But maybe not in this yarn.  Who knows?  Whatever.

So then I went off to the Stitching Bee, and bought a bunch of DK yarns, all machine washable and mostly acrylic, 'cause you know that is what I like to do blankies in.  Decided to use the pattern for the first pic, More V's, please.  I found it on Ravelry, it's free (always delightful), and beyond fun to hook.

I changed the pattern only in that I did 2 rows instead of 3 on the v-stitch area. 

I also did a bunch of dyeing yesterday, but I'll post that later, just so you can enjoy all this hooky goodness.

Susie - The squares are actually about 7", so they are not teensy, and they will get another row or two with my outline color, maybe off-white.  I'm not sure yet of what I want to use, so I'll do some more and then decide.  Once I pick the border color, then I'll start joining them as I go along.  Otherwise I'll yell and scream if I have to do these all at the same time.

PandaBearofDoom - I like the first one as a stand-alone piece.  Maybe If I did a few row border in a solid, I'd like it more for a blankie, but I only have one skein of the yarn, dyed it a long time ago, and have no idea what I did, so I can't duplicate it.

katiemckinna - Thanks.

myhookandyarnadventure - It is very tricky using variegateds on crochet, especially on these granny squares.  I have had great luck using them in scarves, particularly in a ziazag pattern.  Those yarns work if you are looking for a sort of Monet look to your scarf.


Susie said...

Love the crochets! I would love to make a crocheted quilt but the thought of sewing all those little squares together would make me nuts.

Anonymous said...

I love variegated yarn it's so pretty XD I think it could make a cute blanket with a solid color border to balance it out maybe? And the last picture, those squares are super cute XD I love it. You do some really amazing work

Wall-to-wall books said...

Wow, beautiful colors!!!! I love bright colors when knitting or crocheting, so much more fun.

Scrabblequeen said...

Beautiful! That first square needs really does. Have fun with your spring crochet binge.

katiemckinna said...

Those little squares are really pretty. I really like your color choices.

Anonymous said...

I don't use verigated often, I too find it busy, but when you find the right use for it, it's quite lovely. I like the 'V' squares, they will be a lovely afghan!


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