Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommie had a great funeral!

If a funeral can be good, then The Mommie had one.  The weather was lovely, the rabbi took notes from my sister and me about her, and gave the best eulogy going.  We really celebrated her life.  She's next to my dad, and his entire family and friends are all in the same part of the cemetery.  It was like going back to my youth to see all those names there.

We're all doing some crying and lots of laughing with her, wherever she is.  The Mommie stories go on and on.  Somewhere, she is shaking her finger at us and telling us to behave.  Hah!  And, Mom, you could have let me win a teensy battle, but did you?  Nope.  Tough old lady!

I started a new shawl in her favorite color, green, and will call it the Elsie Shawl.  Her favorite color was olive green, which I'm not fond of, so this is a pretty spring green.  Too bad, Mommie, it's not your oochy green, but it still is green.  Maybe I'm winning this argument?  Nah.

Pics later on.  My head is totally out to lunch.  Not much goes on between the ears at days like this.  the stress is nearly unbearable, but then I relax, remember how great she was, and feel quite at peace.

Thank you, everyone, for all your warm words of peace and consolation.  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you!


scrapperjen said...

HUGS and deepest sympathies to your family. I'm sure she's looking down at you and watching over you. And I think it's good to have a guardian angel watching out for you.

Ruth said...

scrapperjen - Oh you better believe it. and if I step out of line, she'll shake that finger at me. Yay, Mommie!

Grace said...

sending sincere sympathies on your loss

kv said...

Ruth, my thoughts are with you and your family. Your mother was so obviously loved, an ou were very lucky to have had her so long. I am sure with such a strong connection she will stay alive inside of you forever. Take it easy.


still here and never going back said...

I have enjoyed reading about your mother and your relationship with her. Please know that although we have never met I am sending warm thoughts and will continue to think about you in the months to come.

Ruth said...

Hi, everybody,

I'm going to tell Mommie stories now and then. You'll get to hear the air conditioning stories, the rugs thrown on top of her floor, the scooting stories. Uh oh, she's shaking her finger at me for revealing her deepest and darkest secrets. VERY BIG GRIN!


Henya said...

Hugs and lots of love!


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