Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another sweater for Mister and a New Yarn

I think I have a way to go.  Good thing Mister incubates for another 7 weeks.  Grow, Little Mister, grow!  Kick your mommie!  Yay, Little Mister!

A new yarn!  Rachel Sparkle
75/20/5 SW merino/nylon/stellina
430+ yards 100 gm 
This is my Rachel yarn with sparkle.

This is a yarn that I bought a couple of years ago.  Dyed up one skein for me, and fell in love with it, but then I never dyed any more.  It's a beautiful yarn, and why I didn't dye and sell is beyond me, but I didn't.  The other day, I was going through my yarn tubs, and found it.  Here are 2 skeins:  Magenta and Plums.

The sparkle comes from the stellina.  It's not outrageously glitzy, rather very elegant.  Knits up beautifully; you will not feel the stellina as you knit.  Lovely for fancy socks and pretty shawlettes.  I feel a shawl design coming on, but not until I'm done with Mister knitting.  Grandsons come first.

In case you can't tell, I'm quite in love with Mister.  Can't wait to see him.  He's the last of the grands, so that gives him some sort of specialness.  Between the 2 of us, we have 5 grands, 2 boys, and 3 girls.  Mister will make the 6th. 

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Sarah said...

Mister is going to be one well dressed little guy!


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