Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Miss P's crochet afghan.  This started out as a blankie for Mister, but then Pen told me that her room was going to be in green, red, purple, and white.  So, naturally she's getting this.  The thing weighs a ton!  Gotta mail it out to her.

In progress:  One baby quilt.  I started hand quilting it yesterday.  I'm going through flannel as the backing, and it's hard on my hands!!!!  So, big stitches, but I like the way those stitches play off the quilt design.  Kind of wonky and  free.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  It's awfully hard to get the needle to catch that heavy flannel.  I'm doing this freehand, not marking the quilt at all.  It adds to the general goofiness.

And one baby sweater.  As you can see, I've started a sleeve.  I do these things on 2 circs; it's so much easier than trying to manage with dpns.  This is how I make sleeves:  pick up and knit stitches, top down, no seams.

As you can also see, the sweater needs finishing, but it will be cute.  I need to find 3 buttons.  Size?  I have no idea; at some point it will fit the baby.


LuAnn said...

Wonderful projects! The afghan is so colorful, and I still love the quilt. Beautiful!

Sarah said...

For some reason I tought the flannel would be easier to quilt - sorry it's not. The tiny sweater is adorable so far and I hope you'll be able to publish the pattern.

scrapperjen said...

Wow! These are all wonderful! You have been very busy!

Have a great weekend!


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