Monday, March 4, 2013

What's in my life Monday

Forget design floor/wall, there are just too many things happening here in Chez Yarnarian.

Scrappy Trip is now up to 9 blocks.  7 more to go.  I must be the slowest quilter around.  Not that I'm in any hurry; slow is good.  The process is fun, and when I get bored with it, I go onto something else.  I get bored easily, so I muddle my way through all my projects slowly.

Card Tricks is also coming together at a snail's pace.  The funny thing is that when I look at the blocks in the photo, I prefer the one at top left, the traditional Card Tricks.  In real life, I like the modified blocks better.  "tis slow work, my dears, but perfect mindless sewing.

I just finished a huge (for me) dye up for Sock Madness Forever on Ravelry.  My poor Etsy shop is practically empty, but that shall be remedied.  Doing a little bit of dyeing today.  A couple of the Tulip Combo yarns for SMF, and then onto some new yarns.  Pics tomorrow.

AND, I now am about to write up a brand-new pattern for my brand-new Lyric Yarn.  I'll leave you with that teeny bit of info.


Chris said...

I want to make a card tricks quilt in the worst way and seeing yours makes me want to even more. Very nice :)

Mary said...

Love the pastels in your Scrappy trips. are you making both the regular and the variation on the card trick blocks for your project??

Sarah said...

We must work at similar speeds - and yes, partly becasue I flip back and forth between projects. Your card tricks look great - which reminds me that I have 3 more of my own to finish up so I can finish that catmat...mine are all the traditional center.


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