Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Attorney in the morning,
Accountant in the evening,
Pizza at suppertime.
That was my crazy Monday,
And now I'm feeling fine.

For some reason, we haven't had pizzeria pizza in a few months.  Maybe we were watching sodium, fat, and  calories, maybe we were lazy.  Who knows?  I have made homemade pizza a couple of times, and it is beyond delicious, but there is something about pizza that comes from Rocco's in Madison, NJ.  Mmmmmm!!!!  I can't remember when I've loved a slice of pizza more.  Wow, was it good.  Just regular old tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese pizza.  The Hubz sprinkled some oregano on top of both our slices and we scarfed them down as if we were starving.  OK, we were starving, but we inhaled those pieces.

Good pizza doesn't come from the big chains.  Forget Pizza Hut or, heaven forbid, Pap John's.  Yep, they have dough, and tomato sauce and cheese, but it's not the real thing.  For that, you need to go to the best pizzeria in town.  Frozen pizza will fill the tummy, but it's not good.  Domino's is for desperation.  If you are a poor benighted soul living in an area without good Italian food, then you are truly bereft. 

Now I think I need to make my own homemade pizza.  Got the pizza jazz here.

Oh, and yes, that slice was salty.  When you restrict your sodium, you really notice it when you eat out.  But once in a while, you have to have the real pizza.  Good for your soul.  And then you spend the rest of the evening drinking water.  Worth every glass of water I consumed.

No pics of anything; I was too busy with lawyer and accounting to do anything at all.

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Sarah said...

While I live in the boonies and don't have Italian close by we do have Al's. When I moved back to NY from Miami, my friends were very concerned because there is no mall and the pizza place doesn't deliver. I'm ok with both because I can walk to Al's and it's well worth it! BTW - I got a loaded french fry pizza from Carney's (small grocery/sub shop in town) which was ok but not my new fav.


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