Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shameless Hussy

I'm a Shameless Hussy!  It's such fun.  Years ago, I went to the opera with a dear friend.  His wife didn't want to go because we'd get home so late, so my friend asked me to be his opera date.  On the way into the city (NYC) we were laughing about the term, shameless hussy.  So off we went to the Metropolitan Opera (don't remember which opera it was), and during an intermission, we wandered off into the book store.  The shop was crowded with very well-dressed people, including some in evening wear.  My friend and I got separated and he wanted my attention.  So, in a nice loud tone he yelled out:  "Hey, Shameless, where are you?"  Every head in that store came up.  We had the entire place's attention.  So I answered back (but not too loudly,  There are limits.):  "Here I am."   The two of us were so cool about it.  Bad people, but fun, fun, fun.  And that's one reason why I'm an SH!  

Most of the time, I'm shy, quiet and demure, but every now and then, the SH comes out.  Yes!

We were chatting about shameless hussies on the PennyRoses forum on Ravelry the other day, and I thought it would be such fun to dye up a bunch of shameless yarn in shameless colorways.  So I did.  And here's the result:

Gina Yarn!  50/50 superwash merino/silk yarn with 430+ yards of soft, shamelessly wonderful yarn!  You can't see that silk sheen in the picture, but it's there in real life.  It is truly beautiful!

Where?  In my Etsy shop, of course. 

I'm adding them gradually.  

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