Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's What on Wednesday

Lots of knitting stuff, plus a little bit of crochet.  Sewing?  I'm so busy knitting that I haven't had the urge to sew.  But it will come back, especially if it ever gets to spring.


A somewhat fake gansey for elder DD.  This is undyed DK yarn, although in my head it knits up to a worsted weight.  About 3.5 " done.  Size 5 needles, gauge is 4.75 sts/inch.  The patterns are authentic Scottish fisherman patterns, but the yarn is not gansey yarn.  I'll work along with this until about an inch or so below the armhole, then do a cross pattern, and then work entirely different patterns on the bodice.  Those may or not be authentic, just whatever I like to do.  Sleeves?  Whatever strikes my fancy.  No underarm gusset nor shoulder strap.  This is not the real thing, but I did underarm gussets and shoulder straps about 20 years ago and got them out of my system.

Also in process, a pair of socks for me.  This is in a high twist singles yarn, so that's why you'll see the details of the stitches so well.  No nylon in this yarn, but I've already made 2 pairs of socks in it, and it seems to wear well.  And yes, it will stretch beautifully to fit my leg and foot.

An actual finished lace scarf!  Lili Lace yarn, which you can find in my Etsy shop.  The color reminds me of chicken tikka masala, a lovely paprika with a dose of cream in it.  The truest color is the top picture, just imagine it a bit darker.  It is delicious!  I have no idea what I'm wearing it with.  I'll have to do a sweater that lives with this.


A cute little watercolor scarf in progress.  Pattern?  Something I found in one of my Japanese pattern books.  Mindlessly easy and pretty.  Rachel sock yarn.

I call these things "watercolor" since they are of variegated colorways, and the colors appear as little splotches here and there. 

And that's enough of that.

Book on nightstand is Red seas under red skies.  This is the second book in the Locke Lamorra series, and it's as delightful as the first.  Alternate world with a couple of charming thieves.  Good fun.
And that's it for today.  Oh, I forgot to add the obligatory weather picture.  Yep, it's snowing again.  Sigh.

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Sarah said...

Your socks will be gorgeous. Ok - all pretty projects but the socks are my fav. Trade your snow for my 5F weather?!


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