Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday's knitting

Elder DD's gansey sweater.  The patterns are authentic; I have them in a couple of my Scottish knitting patterns books.  But the yarn is not.  It is a cushy, woolly undyed yarn, theoretically of DK weight.  Nope.  It really is a worsted weight.  I checked it out against Galway worsted, and they are the same.  I'm using size 5 needles with a gauge over stockinette of 4.75 sts/inch.  So that makes it worsted in my book.  It's a perfect gauge, not flimsy, and not board-like.

I have about 9.25" done on the body with about 7" to go.  16" for the body + 8.5 for the armhole.  That should make it long enough for her.

Here's a closeup of the pattern.  It's so mindlessly fun to do.  I love it when I no longer need a chart to know where I am.  Then I can motor on without constantly counting stitches.  You'll notice the stitch markers.  I use those to set off the patterns.   The safety pin that you can see over on the right of the top picture - I like to keep track of how far I've knit each day.


Michelle said...

Love the pattern. Going to be awesome when done.

Judy S. said...

It may be mindless but sure doens't look it. That is going to be an awesome sweater!


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