Friday, February 14, 2014

You think we have a bit of snow?

The first picture shows my front porch.  The snow was at least 8" higher than the landing.  There was nowhere to shovel it, so it was loaded over on the left, and now we have a mess there, too.

To give you some idea of just how much of the white stuff we have, here's a pic of our mailbox.  It's to the right of the word.  Kind of blends into the snow. 

We're supposed to get another 1-2" tomorrow, but then next week we should get temps into the 40's.  So where is it all going to go when it melts?


Sarah said...

Yikes - it appears that you have a tiny smidgen of snow!! I hope the sump pump in your cellar is working - it's gonna be a mess when it melts.

We are due for 51F next Friday so we'll be in the same boat...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that 1-2" turned into 4-1/2on top of the 21-1/2 the past two days -- and on top of all the snow already on the ground! Our intersections are quite dangerous. But I truly love it! Florence

Linda Watson said...

Those pictures with the evergreens - pines? cedars? Anyway, they make it look like you live in the mountains. It is pretty, though.


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