Friday, March 14, 2014

Designing and knitting a fisherman's sweater - part 4

Emily's gansey 

 Front (or back) view as of this morning.  About 8" done.

Side view.  You can barely make out the purl ribs and the "side seam" purl stitch.  This will block out fine.

I should get about 3" knit today.  So far, I'm very pleased with the sweater.  The yarn is OK, but I like the Filatura di Crossa better because it has a nicer hand.  But still, the Rowan is fine.  Clearly, I love to knit in sport yarn.

See the previous 3 posts for my process so far in designing and knitting this sweater.  Maybe you will get inspired, too.

Remember this mess?  Rachel's awful gansey?

Ta da!  Here it is all blocked and sweet.

Hard to imagine that they are the same sweater.  Wet blocking is the answer.  She wanted it long, so the sleeves look out of proportion to the length of the sweater, but it works very well. 

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straythreads said...

Wow those sweaters are gorgeous!!


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