Thursday, April 17, 2014

A toddling kid

And he's off and running.  Benjamin is officially a toddler.  At day care, he's now in the toddler room.  He drinks from a sippy cup, walks nonstop, and is beyond adorable.  But I still think of him as The Baby.

His day care is staffed with lots of lovely ladies from someplace south of the border, and he's learning a bit of Spanish as he goes along.  If you ask him if he wants water, he says "agua".  Bilingual child.  He knows both words.  Needless to say, he's a genius.  All grandchildren are brilliant.  Goes with the territory.

This is the Greco-Roman style of diaper changing.  He wants to go, not get changed, and the only way you can hold him down is to drop your leg over him.  He protests mightily.  So it goes.

They are all back home now, and my house is so quiet and orderly.  No toys all over the place, no Miss P swiping my Kindle and my chewing gum.  No parental units to chat with.  It was lovely, and I miss them very much.  Good thing elder DD lives nearby.  Yay, elder DD.

So what to do now?

My cute little quilt in progress.  Look, Ma, some of my points really match!  Hah!  Thank goodness for bias, 'cause it lets me fudge.

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Mad about Craft said...

Yes, grandchildren are the best!


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