Friday, April 4, 2014

Vest on Friday

The Hubz' vest continues.  I'm up to 11" and need to be at 16" before I start the armholes.  It does seem very small, but I measured his favorite vest and that's where it is.  The armholes are, however, pretty long.  The circumference is 50", and I'm knitting on a 32" circular needle, so even though it looks very skinny, it isn't.  I spread the vest over 2 circs, and yep, it measures 50".

Once it's washed and blocked, it'll all appear smooth and lovely.  He likes it, which is good, because 326 sts takes a bit of time to knit.  I am enjoying it, so if he wants another one, I'm game.

The top pic is a close-up of my cute little cable, and is much lighter than it really is.The yarn is Palette by Knit Picks, and the color is Ash, which is a lovely charcoal gray.  I like knitting with it very much.  Soft, flows through my fingers, and is nice and woolly.  

I'm also knitting a hat for charity and 2 pairs of socks, but this is the main knitting at the moment.  Lovely, mindless, soothing stuff.


Ramona said...

Very nice vest! Love the pattern.

Teresa in Music City said...

You are moving right along! Your "cute little cable" truly is very cute!

straythreads said...

Beautiful!!! love the stitch pattern

Dar said...

Your hubster is a very lucky guy. Very cute vest. Those cables do not look like mindless knitting though.


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