Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilt Monday

Half Square Triangles!  I am determined to master them, and this quilt has only HSTs, so it's now or never.  I'm using a video from the Missouri Star Quilt Company as my guide, and I understand it.  That doesn't mean that I can cut a straight line or sew one either, but the bias from the squares helps me match my points.   Real Quilters will howl with laughter or shake their fingers at me, but hey, I'm enjoying this, so if I have to fudge, I don't care.

My pressing also leaves something to be desired, but here's what I've learned from the few quilts I've finished:  When you wash and dry them, all that lovely quilty crinkly stuff happens and then my wonky cutting, sewing and pressing all work out.

Why is knitting so easy for me and quilting is not?  I tried hand piecing for a little bit, and couldn't get that to line up either.  Oh piffle, I'll just do my thing and enjoy it.  I am getting pretty good at nesting my seams and such.

If only I were not such a perfectionist.  I may be the only quilter who like bias.  It helps me match points.  I guess I'm just biased in its favor.  Groan.

Go away, Quilt Police, I'm never going to be great at this.  But it's fun, and I like it, and I'm the only quilter (such as I am) in the family, so no one has anyone to compare me to. 

Off to clean.  Passover starts next Monday, and I have a ton of cleaning to do.  Yesterday we tackled the living room.  Benjamin, who is now 15 months, is coming.  We have to baby proof.  Today I start the sewing room.  I hate cleaning.  Elder DD told me that we need a focal point for our decorating.  Focal point?  In her dreams.  We just have too much stuff.  So we're tossing like crazy.  I really hate doing this, but with a toddler who will assuredly get into trouble, I have to do this.  It's probably good for us.  Sigh.


Ramona said...

Your blocks look great! This line of fabric is one of my favorites. I enjoy making HST's and have learned a few tricks along the way to make them easier. Nicely done!

Bonnie said...

Practice makes perfect on half square triangles. There are a lot of quilters who cringe at bias edges on the outside edges of a block. Good for you for embracing them. Enjoy the process and you are right, the quilt will get all crinkly when washed and everything will look fine.

straythreads said...

Your blocks look wonderful!!! I think the easy angle triangle ruler is the greatest thing for cutting HST
just enjoy the process its not for 4-H Ann


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