Monday, January 23, 2017

Little kid socks

I finished a pair of socks for the 4 year old.  Took me 2 weeks mostly because I didn't want to work on them in my germy state.   Nothing special here, just a simple garter rib sock.

Specs:  48 sts, total leg is 9", total foot is 7".  Mindless garter rib. 

I bought 4 skeins of the red yarn (which is really a lovely blue-red and not this orange-red color).  That should yield me about 6 prs of socks for the kiddle, and that ought to cover him for this winter.  Can I say that all these red socks are putting me to sleep?

But he's so cute, and in love with red, and what's a Grannie to do but knit red socks?

DD and Miss P marched in DC on Sat.  Drove from MN to DC with a group, had a grand time, and are energized.  My little feminist heart is so happy.  Wish I could have been there, but not the way I was feeling.

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