Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Socks for Benjamin

Benjamin just turned 4 and he's beyond adorable.  But then, every Grandma thinks her grands are adorable.  Still, he really is a cutie patootie.  His favorite color is red.  So, red socks for Benjamin.

Sock specs:  48 sts.  Sock yarn.  Gauge:  around 7.25 sts/".  Length of leg is knee high.  (The child lives in the Frozen Northland and needs to be kept warm.)  Total foot length is a pinch less than 7", with room for growth.

Pattern is my go-to pattern for everything:  basket weave!

Yes, they will fit him; there's a lot of stretch in the circumference.


Deborah said...

I like that basketweave pattern. I have some solid color sock yarn, and I might try that stitch when I get to those skeins. Right now, I'm using a pretty colorful yarn and any stitch pattern would just get lost in it.

Sarah said...

They look quite warm - I'm sure he'll love and appreciate them when it's time to play in the snow!


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