Friday, February 10, 2017

I need a name for this quilt

I just plopped these down on the porch floor in random order.  Color isn't great because I took the pic at night.  But you get the idea of how they will look together.  So now I need a name for this quilt.  Any ideas?  I'm thinking Jeweled Hexagons, because each one reminds me of a little jewel.

These are yesterdays gems.  I have to say that it is much easier to hand sew regular quilting cottons as opposed to batiks.  It's somewhattough to push a needle through those dense batik fabrics.  But it's only a little bit of sewing, and I love, love, love batiks.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I can't think of a name off hand but I totally agree with you that batiks are harder to piece by hand - I have done my share of them and I notice it a lot - especially for some reason if it is EPP - when I started my hexie quilt some of the hexies were with a hand dyed fabric which reminds me a lot of the batiks - it was very tough and I after that didn't use if very much.

Sarah said...

I like the crisp folds I get with batiks so it's worth the extra effort to me. I have used a batik that was nearly impossible to stitch but oh so gorgeous.

Dar said...

Your hexies are so beautiful that the batik fabric is worth the effort. At least if you are still hooked on I love all the little gems you are creating. I'm terrible at coming up with names for my quits, so I'm not much use in helping others name theirs.

Sally said...

Ruth, those are so pretty...they look like pinwheels - I'd call this quilt Spinners!


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