Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

A good day to sew and knit.  I love snowstorms as long as I am not out in them.  And I want all the snow to disappear the next day.  But it is so cozy to be indoors and watch it all come down.  You would think I'd get a lot of hand work done, no?  No.  Because I wander from window to deck door and back again and have to check out the view from every part of the house.

Yep, we have an air-conditioned fence.  Last year we had a very windy rain storm and somehow the boards left the fence.  We should really replace them, but I kind of like the view of traffic. 

It really is snowing very hard at the moment, even though the pictures don't show it.  Cozy day.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

bet it will melt fast! I heard the northeast was going to get a big one - we are back to cold weather today here in the south too but not like that! I always like to watch the snow - if you do not have to go out into it it sure can be pretty

Julierose said...

Oh here, too-snowin' like crazy--even had some thunder snow a while back. As long as i don't have to go out in this, I don't mind...hugs, Julierose


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