Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Stargazing Shawl unblobbed

Blocked and ready to wear!

This was impossible to photograph.  The neck starts off with a deep purple and bits of brown, and the bottom of the shawl is green with bits of tan.  My camera will not get it right.  So that's why these pics are going to look different as I played with light, location and background.

These first pictures were taken on my dining room table on top of the white table protector.  No external light, just whatever the camera wanted.

This on is on the porch floor and is probably the most accurate although the floor is a very dark wood color. 

Same porch but on the table which gets full sunlight and on top of a white cardboard.

Well, you get the idea somewhat.  It's much prettier than I can photograph. 

Fingering weight sparkly wool and delightful to knit.

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