Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chit chat

Look what I dyed yesterday for a Ravelry group. The colorways are exclusive to them, and the second two are clearly influenced by my fabric collecting. Isn't it neat how one activity can lead into another?

There is a color sensibility in quilting fabrics that isnot seen in yarn dyeing, at least not by me.  I never would have put together the middle colorway had it not been for a batik I used.  I wonder where this is all going to lead me?  I seem to be back in variegated mode after a long spell of almost solids, and it's good to be there.

Want a good freebie pattern for variegated yarns?  This one works with everything!  You can get it on Ravelry.

Picture? I can't fine one. bizarre, I know, but if you click on the Ravelry link you'll get both pic and pattern.

Sewing news: The lastest blocks from the FWQAL:

They're laid out on point because that's how they will appear on the quilt.  Eventually.  Sometime in the far far future.

A couple of cutie outfits for the girls.  The one on the left has the most adorable little pleated skirt.  Not hard to sew at all, which surprised me.  Now I want to do lots of them!  The one on the right is wearing the top made for the pleated skirt.  Hey, these things are interchangeable.  I spread out the pleated one so that you could actually see the pleats, but it does lay nice and flat when I'm not fooling around with it.

And now I'm off to finish the dyeing for the Ravelry group. Yes, the back is considerably better. Still twinges, but after Thurs and Fri, this is a piece of cake. I could do without it entirely, but this is tolerable. By Fri it should all be gone.

Gotta run. Talk to you soon.

Wall-to-wall books - I don't call it playing with dolls 'cause they'd all think I was daft.  I call it "sewing for the grandkids' dolls".   Sneaky, aren't I?  I know someone who makes the most wonderful doll clothes and she donates all of them to a local charity.  She gets the fun, some kid gets a treat and everyone is happy.  So, you can do it too.  Tell people that you are making them for your daughter.

Kate - Thanks, Kate.

scrapperjen - Thanks.  You know I'm having fun here. 

Do the Day - I based that one a new fabric I bought.  This fabric buying is neat for new colorways! 


Wall-to-wall books said...

Wow! I love that brown and blue one!!!
Can you make more like that one?
And maybe a pink and brown?

Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh! and that skirt is ADORABLE!!!! Makes me want to play with dolls again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is gorgeous yarn you have there. Love all of them.

scrapperjen said...

Beautiful yarn! Such wonderful colors.
Look at you sewing up a storm! Love the quilt blocks. The doll outfits are adorable too.

Do the Day said...

Love all three, but most especially can see myself knitting and loving the color changes in "Ranch".


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