Thursday, August 25, 2011

Disappearing Nine Patch or The Yarnarian is in Love!

I just made my first disappearing nine patch.  Yep, it's been around for a long while, but I'm new at this, so it's all fresh and delightful to me.  This has got to be the way new knitters feel when they discover something wonderful.

First pic:  the original 9 patch cut in half lengthwise and widthwise.  So you see what it looked like originally.  Embiggen to get the full picture.

First variation:

I like this one very much. For one thing, those green hearts are all in the same direction now, which I like.

Next two variations.  The hearts are kind of all over the place, but they are little squares, so I don't know if it matters very much.  

Eh, on the next one. Looks kind of disjointed to me. Perhaps if the little hearts were not mixed up?  Although I do like the stripy effect of the long rectangles.

What about these next two?  Is this not neat?  And what happens when I make some more 9 patches, cut them the same with more or less the same colors and then put them together? 

I'm not great at statistics, but I can see lots of permutations here, and all from one very simple block.  I think this is my kind of patchwork.  I totally admire traditional work, but the fact is that I really cannot sew a straight line.  It looks like I can, but you can't see the inside, and I'm not showing you.    This I can do, and think of all the varieties of blocks I can make.

What about if I made a 9 patch and then cut diagonally from corner to corner?  Oh my word, my head is spinning.

Now to get to the yarny end of all this stuff:  Think of the colorways I can come up with from 9 patches.  What about if I made garter stitch pieces to match the sizes in one of these variations.  Garter would be perfect, and I could use some variegated yarn and some almost solid.  Oh dear, the head is spinning some more.

Folks, if you have never tried to make a 9 patch, it's easy peasy.  Even the woman whose seams are wonky can say that.  Go try it out.  Hey, you don't even need a machine.  Go sew by hand.

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