Thursday, August 18, 2011

Want a used back? I'll sell it to you.

I have this lower back, really just above the buttocks, and every once in a while, it goes into serious orbit. Spasms and other wonderful things. Ick. Double Ick! I hurt. Took 2 Advil, and nothing else hurts, but the back is not any better. Do I sit or stand, walk or not? It doesn't matter; it just plain hurts. I'm walking around bent over like a very very old lady. Hey, even the Mommie isn't bent over. If I had a wart on my nose and a witchy hat on my head, I could pass for an evil witch, that bent over.

Enough of that kvetch, Here's one of the girls in her new top. Made it yesterday, didn't miter the middle of the top, but too bad on that. I can't figure out if I should sew or read or knit today. Gotta find the right position for that rotten back.

Growl, grump, complain nonstop.

I have some pretty yarn from my stash (bought before I dyed yarn) and it matches the colors on this outfit very well. Seems to me that the doll needs a shawl.

Ruth and Jo - got any good swear words that I can use? I've pretty much used up my supply of good ones, and my cursing is getting boring. I think when this is over, that I shall go back to working on my core muscles; that's got to help the next time the back is bad. Growl!

Wall-to-wall books - It is so much fun, even when I mess up, which is very often.  Good thing you don't see the insides of the clothing!


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Love that doll. Have a nice one myself (is it KidznKatz?) which I bought specifically for trying out new knitting patterns on.

And I empathise totally with the back. Mine misbehaves at annoying intervals and causes much pain. Found a wraparound heated pad very helpful. That and swearing quite a bit.

Scrabblequeen said...

Yes to the shawl, no to sewing today. As veteran of the Back Wars, I avow sewing is vera bad when you already hurt! Heat and ice, if you can, or knit if you can. But, be GOOD to yourself!

Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh my gosh! You are getting really good at this! That outfit is "to die for"!


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