Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girls are thinking about late summer.

Yep; they're starting to get tired of all the pastelly goodness, and get serious about clothing.  After all, summer is half over and enough already of the heat.  So here they are, not quite pastel (well, except for the summer jammies).

Girl on left is wearing a cutie dress from Liberty Jane. The pattern was actually not that difficult; I must be getting used to sewing, finally. Cutie on the right is wearing her jammy top from Liberty Jane (yep, I really really like doing this one, and use it mostly as a top), and pants from a Joan Hinds pattern.

Then we have these 3 ladies:

All patterns from Liberty Jane. Can you tell that I really like these patterns. Easy for the most part, except for those bias binding moments. But now I think I've conquered that bit. Whew!

The denim skirt was from a huge denim dress that I bought at a thrift shop on Cape Cod (one of those stuff-a-bag-full-of-merchandise for $5). I have tons of the fabric left, too.

scrapperjen - It's becoming an addiction! I can sew these so much faster than I can knit them in skinny yarn.

merrilymarylee - You need to get a doll of your own. I know; it's beyond dorky and silly, but it is such fun. Even the Hubbo, who knows I'm daft, likes these little things. You can always donate them to a toy charity! Or find someone with grandgirls, and give them to her.


scrapperjen said...

More fabulous AG fashions! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I swear, you make me want to have a doll. With five grandsons, that is not my best choice. Your girls are so well-dressed!


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