Friday, September 9, 2011

Nope, not me.

I will NOT look at more fabric. I will stay away from quilt shops and Joanne's. I will NOT look at Hawthorne Threads, or E-Quilter, or Fat Quarter Shop. I will not even think of checking out Charmpacksplus, or Green Fairy Quilts or or Fabric Depot or Hancock's of Paducah or Missouri Star Quilt or anyplace else. I will stay away from Etsy fabric shops. I will NOT buy anything any more!  I will not add any more online shops to my list.  I will behave as a responsible adult.

You believe that? Sigh. I have an entire tub plus innumerable zip lock bags of fabric. I need Fabric Anonymous. I'm not looking, you bad enablers. Did you read that? No fabric for me any more.  And forget responsibility.  I'm 67; I don't have to act as an adult any more.  I will be a curmudgeon.  and not buy any more fabric.  Did you hear me?  No more!

Did you notice that innumerable has 2 "n" and only one "m"? I do love spell check; it's like recommendation. That one has 2 "m". why? The English language is such fun to spell. Good thing that I love it dearly. Wouldn't want to have any other language as my mother tongue.

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