Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm a machine, baby!

I've got some sort of mojo back.  It might be the walking.  My sister started the 10,000 steps program, and I got motivated.  Before I retired, I'd go for good walks during lunch or break times, and really did 10,000 steps/day.  Then I retired and turned into a sloth.  And I have felt slothful for about 6 years now.  Enough already.  I'm walking again, and loving it.  Starting off slowly, I'm up to 4700 steps in a walk.  Every day I'm adding a bit, and should be at 10,000 pretty soon.  And it's paying off:  I have energy again.  Plus, I make sure that I don't sit for hours.  I get up and move all the time.

Of course it helps that we're having the most glorious spring weather around.  Wait until it rains; then I'll have to go back to the gym or use an umbrella.  But right now, it's so beautiful outside, and I can't wait to go marching.

Quilting is now a walking activity.  I stand up to iron and go downstairs to cut or trim.  All the time.  When I was assembling my Floating Squares quilt, I had the blocks laid out in the bedroom, and walked there every time I needed to sew each block together with the rest.  I figured out that a row took about 100 steps.  

I'm turning into a motion machine.  I really like it, too.

So, on the design floor in the living room (a level down.  We live in this dopey split-level house) is Rose Chevrons.  At the moment, I'm going with the chevron layout.

Then, yesterday, I went down to the Dyeing Dungeon, AKA the cellar (2 levels down from the kitchen), and did a bit of dyeing.  I found some long-lost yarn in one of my yarn tubs, and I want to use it up.  So here you are.  (I also did a dye-up for a mystery crochet project, but it's a mystery so no pics yet.)
This is Shelley yarn, a fingering weight (despite that lofty look) with a soft twist to it.  Very nice.  I think I have about 16 more skeins, and then that's it.

Gotta go and walk.  Yay, walking.

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