Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Strings, glorious strings!

I'm entranced with these things.  Here's what I'm playing with now.

Here are 3 rectangles, approx 5" x 10".  All put together.  OK, that's one idea.

Next idea.

Rectangles separated with background fabric, which will be bone.  I know this looks sort of gray-ish white, but the paper is actually the exact color of the fabric.  So just imagine the blocks bordered with bone Kona.

Third idea.

Blocks separated with either that soft green, the cheery pink, and/or the persimmon Kona at the top.  Each block bordered with a single color?  So then 2 solids would be next to each other?  Each block bordered at top and sides with a single color?  Then there were be one solid next to blocks?

Well, considering that I only have 3 of these made, I have plenty of time to decide what I want to do.  That persimmon (the dark reddish strip), is actually a deep pink, kind of like the background of a couple of the strips, but a wee bit lighter.

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