Monday, June 9, 2008

The Yarnarian Gets Baggy!

I've been buried in a mound of dyeing for a week now, and I've missed blogging.

But today I have a treat for you. OK, it's not a treat, just pics of some of my little and bigger project bags. I seem to be collecting them, which is a new obsession.

So here they are. My little bag that I bought at a flea market on the Cape:

Another Cape bag that I bought at Cuffy's. 2 for the price of one. The other one is blue and green.

My Piddleloop bag:

My adorable new bag from Quiltville. Is this not the cutest Hipster bag going?

A Vera Bradley knock off that Hubbo found at a garage sale on the Cape:

And the oddest bag of all, also found at that flea market. I can't describe this thing except that I think it's supposed to be some sort of saddle bag? But it has a shoulder strap, so not a saddle bag but something really unusual. It was 5 bucks, and I couldn't leave it there.

Emily - Thanks!

KV - A soggy saggy baggy bag lady. That's moi.

Darcie - Not quite a closet, but I just discovered that I have 6 socks to knit the second one of. I thought I had 5, but then found yet another bag, and there was a lone little sockie.


I'm busy knitting said...

great finds at that flea market.
where on the cape?

Emily said...

Cute bags. :)

kv said...

you realize of course that you are becoming a bag lady?

Darcie said...

Great bags! Is there something about bags and knitting? And not purse bags - I use one of them til it wears out. But bags! I have a closet full of knitting bags! I'm thinking that you must also. : )

Carolyn said...

Love them!!! Especially the saddle bag one.


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