Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yarns and Odds

I have to show you the cutest clock. We bought this at Spectrum, a wonderful shop full of unique jewelry, boxes, ties, clocks, you name it. All designed and hand made by various artists. What you can't see is the cute little bird in the circle of the clock!

Knitting news: What I'm working on. 1. my Kona shawl. I can't get the color correct, but you can see the pattern. 2. Fountain socks. I'm almost at the heel of the second sock.

Did You Know: that you can get my sock patterns on Ravelry? It's quite tidy; as soon as you either download the freebies or buy the paid ones, you'll get the pattern. You don't have to wait for me to send the pdf to you. I love it, AND Ravelry benefits from it! My current available sock patterns are over on the right side of the blog. You can click and get to Ravelry. If you're not on the wonderful Ravelry, you can email me, and we'll make arrangments.

Did You Know: that there is a forum on Ravelry called Pennyroses! Dear Sockpuppet manages it, bless her. We could use more action there. So join up and talk about anything.

Did You Know: that I'm going to start taking sign-ups for the fall PennyRose Sock Club? Stay tuned for more info.

Anonymous - Fountain Socks is almost ready to be published! I just need to take some decent pictures, have Hubbo turn it into a pdf file, and then list it on Ravelry. If ou want the pattern and are not on Ravelry, email me (email is up on right of blog), and I'll make arrangements with you.

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Anonymous said...

I like the Fountain sock pattern. Is it your pattern? Where can I find it?


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