Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where Did The Yarnarian Go?

Off to dyeing land. I dye, therefore I live!

Yesterday I ordered yet another 25 skeins of Kona. This is called learning by experience. Who knew that these yarns would go? Renee warned me, but I simply couldn't imagine it. Renee, if you're reading this, next time I'll listen to you!

I'd like to do something like this again: dye yarns for a Mystery Shawl. But here's what I would do differently. 1. Order tons of yarn and not go on a vacation in the middle of the dyeing season. 2. No custom orders; what you see is what you get. 3. Dye up lots and lots and lots. And when you think you've dyed enough, dye up some more. 4. Start a special yahoo account just to funnel messages into it.

Some neat things I've learned: 1. I love to dye certain colors over and over. Right now I'm into jades and seafoams and azures, and colors like that. 2. Mailing international orders is more work, but the gratification is there. Imagine my yarn in Europe or Australia! Cool, huh? 3. Get thee to the gym. Yeah I lose dyeing time, but it's such an incredible change, and my brain goes elsewhere. 4. Make sure to knit and read for relaxation.

It's an enlightening experience, and I would do it again, especially now that I've learned how I want to do it.

Sock Yarn Lovers: I didn't forget you; you're just temporarily on the back burner. But I'm thinking about you and have some new ideas of colorways. Yeah, that seafoam stuff is going to appear. I can't help it. I'm wild about dyeing it.

Allison - Oh, I hear you! Why we all fight exercise is so silly, and yet we all do it.

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Allison said...

"3. Get thee to the gym. Yeah I lose dyeing time" but the exercise is supposed to increase energy and ability to think. Combine that with the dreaming time (brain else)and that exercise may actually give that time back to you. (Now if I could just do as I say and not as I do!)


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