Friday, May 30, 2008

The Yarnarian and Hubbo Go on the Brewster Museum Nature Walk!

This is always the highlight of our Cape vacations. The Brewster nature walk. Brewster is on the northern shore on Rt 6A, which is a just beautiful drive. There's a nice nature museum there, and the have a path down to the beach through a fascinating path. You can not do this at high tide, because the path becomes impassible in certain parts. This time we hit low tide at it's best, and I want to show you some pictures of it.

Click on the pictures to get the full effect.

Yeah, I know. She's going to make us look at boring vacation pictures, but surprise, these are not the same old, same old. We walk over the bogs on wooden planks, see a mini Cape Cod Stonehenge, and wait until you see the beach and sand pics! I was looking at this from a knitter's point of view, and even Hubbo got into the fascinating sand arrangements left by the water.

First the bogs: As you are walking over those planks, you can see the water bubbling up.

Now the long, long path to the beach: There are places on this walk where you have to climb down some narrow rocks. I'm so klutzy that I always need Hubbo to give me a hand!

Cape Henge! A mini stone henge off the path. Cute, no?

Down to the actual beach.

And now, what you've been waiting for: pictures of the sand after the tide has gone out. This is the real thing. The wave patterns are fascinating.

And duck foot prints because they were so cute. There was an entire covention of ducks right on the water's edge.

Emily, Skepweaver, and Sharon: Emily - It was just a lovely vacation. Sharon - feel free to use my pictures. Skepweaver - I just read your blog. Just lovely.


Emily said...

Ruth - it looks like you had a wonderful vaca! :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like some new patterns should emerge from the sand! Duck feet socks?


Sharon said...

I love your pictures. Could I use one of your photos for a desktop picture, or maybe a couple?

I love some of the new yarns. The Montego Bay is lovely, as is the Red Velvet. I like the purples that you have for the MS9.


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