Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Yarnarian Stays Home.

Nope, I'm not in Maryland at the sheep and wool festival. I'd like to be there, but I'm not. So be it. I'm waiting for Rhinebeck and possibly Stitches East.

For some reason, Hubbo and I never travel south unless we're forced to. I think it's something to do with the highways being boring, although we happily go to the Hudson River Valley with never a complaint. There's an entire world that could open up to us if we went in that direction.

The countdown has begun: 2 weeks from today we'll be on the Cape. We can't wait. We're practicing our Cape Cod sighs. Sigh. I really need a vacation. I thought when I retired that vacation wouldn't be so necessary, but I really could use a change of pace. I need to wind down in order to get back up. Sometimes you need to step away from your daily existence in order to appreciate it. That's where I am. 13 days until Cape Cod. For member of the tribe, this is my Omer moment.

PennyRose Sock Club news:
Yesterday I packed up the last of the shipments and will mail out today. I've really enjoyed doing this. It was a good challenge for me. I learned how to write up patterns (no small feat for feet), organize a sotm, etc. And I've made some great yarnie friends. A very positive experience. The only negative was that I underestimated just how much work and time this takes. I didn't charge much, given that it was my trial club. Next time, I'll charge $85 for 3 months of goodies, which is far more in line with my time and effort. Still pretty inexpensive since I include a brand new sock pattern.

Knitting news: the endless garter stitch part of the Kona shawl continues. Because it's so mindless, I tend to knit very quickly, which is not good for the wrists. So I stop every couple of rows and do something else (like laundry). It makes for slow going, but my hands are much happier. This thing is as light as a feather. Oh, man do I love this yarn.

Exciting, isn't it? Garter coming out of me ears. I can't wait to start the lace part. I worked up a very cute pattern from one of my Japanese books.

Today we're off to a bead store in Maplewood; someone on the web posted great instructions for the kind of stitch marker I really like, and I want to try it out. Then the never-ending garage sales for the Hubbo, and finally a Mommie visit.

Gotta go and knit on the Kona: garter stitch, here I come!

Hanne - you lucky thing, you. I'm in the States and have never seen the Harlot! Yup, I'm doing another sock club in the fall: "I love New York." Rhinebeck is always the 3rd weekend in October, should you want to visit there.

KV - There are not a lot of vritties in retirement unless you make it so. It is the most splendid time to try out new things. You have to work at retirement; it doesn't come to you easily. You could end up watching soaps all day. If that's what you really love to do, then fine. But at 64, I'm not ready to put my feet up. There's a whole world for me to explore. But now I've done so much that I need a vacation.

If you go to Rhinebeck, let me know and we might be able to meet up.

I Bunny Save Troy - I love typing that; it's so cute. I'd love to meet you at Rhinebeck. Bring lots of money and charge cards. ;-)


kv said...

i'm not in maryland either--but i am dreaming about rhinebeck too. have never seen one of these fairs, and don't know quite what to imagine. except for the serious dent to the finances. now on another point, it looks like this "retirement" is actually a new wonder you need a vacation!

Hanne said...

We don't have big fiber fairs in Finland. The fairs are usually for all handicrafts and not always very knitter friendly. I'm going to see Yarn Harlot in London in September and I'm waiting it very eagerly. Maybe some day I'll make it to Rhinebeck or Soar!

Are you going to do another sock club at some point?

Ibunnysavetroy said...

maybe i'll see you at rhinebeck! the plan is to steal a friend's prius and make the treck!


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