Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Yarnarian Misses the Beach!

I love the beach. I grew up in coastal Connecticut and we could take the bus down to the beach, which was on Long Island Sound. On low tide, you could walk out forever. And high tide was not a crazy surf. The first time I actually went to the Atlantic Ocean was when I moved to New Jersey. What a difference in waves!!!

Where we stay on the Cape is a short walk (.8 mile)to Nantucket Sound, which feels just like LI Sound. So just about every evening after supper, we walk down and get our water fix.

This year I took my digital camera with me, and discovered beauties of sand and water that I never saw before. And being a designing knitter, I discovered patterns that I never noticed! Take a look at the lacy end of the surf. I now see "print of the wave" in it.

See what I mean? And look at the colors and patterns in the surf.

On the knitting front, I've gone back to my Kona shawl. I had to tink 4 rows of pattern because I mucked up the set up pattern for the lace part. I tried to get away with it, but that was a dumb idea, so very carefully I tinked and tinked and tinked! And now it looks correct. No pics at the moment because there's really nothing to see but lots of garter stitch, and 5 rows of pattern. I adore knitting socks, but it is so pleasant to do something else.

Holly - I'm going to bore you to death with pictures. You'll be sorry you asked for them. ;=D

Linda - That walk down to the beach and a nature walk through bogs and dunes are our favorite activies at the Cape. And I love the smell and noise and taste of the salty air.

KV - I did dye up yarn with those water colors only lighter. Pastels are my thing, and I can't get away from them. ;-)

Sharon - I do miss the ocean, so I'll just have to look at my pictures. It is good to be back. My idea of a great vacation is to have a great time and then to love coming home.


Linda said...

Welcome home! You were missed. Yes, the beach. I grew up and currently live about 15 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. Much bigger waves. I took it for granted until DH and I started to talk about moving out of this area.

kv said...

welcome back!!those ater pictures would make a beautiful colorway, hhmm?

Sharon said...

Beautiful beach pictures. No wonder you miss it already. And yes, great yarn colors. Maybe even a pale version would be lovely in Rivendell?

Good to have you back but sorry you had to leave your beautiful ocean.



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