Saturday, May 10, 2008


Just a quick note because the Yarnarian needs to go and knit quietly on her sun porch.

All the Kona sold out! I'm in a daze over it. It took me forever to package the yarns up. There were emails, etsy conversations, more emails, changing shipping locations for those international folks, changing them back for various reasons, more emails, more etsy convo's.

And I got it all mailed out this morning before the package pick=up time, and before the rates change! Whadda Yarnarian! Whadda woman! Whadda a tired person!

And that's why this is a quickie. I need to go and knit very quietly and drink tea and have lunch.

Oh, and I ordered 30 more skeins of Kona.

Bye-bye. I'm creeping downstairs to make a fried egg, and then onto the porch.

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