Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Yarnarian Walks to the Beach.

This is the walk we take down Belmont the Beach on Nantucket Sound.

Dyeing News: Yesterday I dyed up 4 skeins of my new superwash merino lace weight yarn. It's over 960 yards/skein and very soft, which it should be given that it's merino. I did 4 skeins: 2 different ones, and 2 dyed at the same time. I figure that someone may want a lot of yardage for a shawl. I haven't knitted on this yet, but I think it will knit up very nicely. $21/skein, which isn't too bad considering the yardage.

AND, the 30 skeins of Kona came in, so this morning I'm starting to dye up the yarns for Mystery Shawl 9. Renee is taking sign ups now for her regular customers. Then she'll open it up to new folks. And no, the price is not $100; it's more like $5.50 I think.

Take a look at her previous patterns and you'll fall in love with her patterns. If I can, I'll dye up one skein for me and knit along also. Needless to say, I hope all the yarn sells, but I would like one just for me. Well, I can always order more.

Darcie - I never get to sit on the beach and knit. It's way too chilly, and the wind is blowing. And if it were summer, Hubbo still would not have the patience to sit. I timed him once, and we lasted exactly 8 minutes!

Linda - Take a look tomorrow at the wave patterns. Unbelievable!


Linda said...

That third picture - the sand. Has got to be a textured knit pattern. Got to be.

Darcie said...

It looks just lovely! I can just imagine sitting on the shore, quietly knitting. Such bliss!


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